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Posted 4 months ago

Hair Dryer Help!

Last night, my hair dryer died, a sad, flaming death. Looking for a new one and debating whether to splurge and go with DryBar’s Buttercup or go with another one from Target/Amazon.

Any suggestions???

Posted 1 year ago

I need your help!

Engagement photo shoot this Saturday and I can’t decide whether to get my hair done straight or curly. Thoughts???

Posted 2 years ago


You guys! The Dry Bar is finally coming to DC in September! (1 location in Georgetown  & another in Bethesda)

OMG I pass the Georgetown location on my commute. Probably going to be making some stops on my way home once it opens…

Posted 2 years ago

So SXSW killed my hair straightener…

Anyone have any suggestions for a new one?

Posted 2 years ago

Goody Creates Hair Ties That Double As Bracelets





I wouldn’t complain if these showed up in my stocking.

GENIUS! I always have a hair tie on my wrist. Now I won’t look like I’m still in middle school!

Posted 3 years ago