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  #why was macklemore so mean in this movie

Just watched this the other night, and literally, a direct quote from Boyfriend, who kept referring to Eric as Macklemore

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When I try to figure out if I’m going to the right conference room



Ah the ole Creeper Peek 

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Outlander, “Sassenach”

So far, I’ve been assaulted, threatened, kidnapped, and nearly raped; and somehow, I knew that my journey had only just begun.

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-Claire being ladylike awesome

Outlander ep.1 “Sassenach”

Claire is my hero

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Kilt shot

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Warning: Outlander Posts Are Coming

I believe we’ve all established that I’m already obsessed with the show Outlander, based on my favorite book. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will reblogging alot of Outlander gifs/photos/overall awesomeness. If this costs me some followers, then so be it!

p.s. Get obsessed with this show before it airs. First episode’s on YouTube!

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The fruits of our herb garden! #latergram #tomatoes #herbs #herbgarden #instafood #nature

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A Rant About Cable Companies

In my brief history of being a paying cable subscriber, I’ve been pretty fortunate in my relationship with cable companies. No complaints, overall pretty satisfied…until today.

As you have probably guessed, I am excited out of my mind about the Starz adaption of the Outlander book series, my all-time favorite book. I went to subscribe to Starz so I could watch it and happily added the $11.95 to my account (whatever, I’ll cancel after the show. It’s totally worth it). But then I wanted to watch the 1st episode released early On-Demand and found that I had to pay an additional $4.95 just to watch Starz On-Demand. Are you kidding, Optimum? What kind of tomfoolery is this — paying MORE to watch shows/movies On-Demand that I’m already subscribed too? 

I probably wouldn’t be as upset if the show didn’t air on Saturday nights. but I’m never going to watch it in real-time.

Come on, Optimum, seriously?!

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This Coke’s got my name written all over it. #ShareACoke #AlyssasUnite

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Stop Chris Pratt before it’s too late 2k14

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This is the same man.

I think about this a lot.

get out of here with your perfection.

This is quickly becoming a Chris Pratt appreciation blog

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I literally tell everyone I know how amazing Hukkster is! I’ve even emailed  the founder to tell them how awesome they are. 

Best thing on the Internet and now it’s gone…

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Oh look it’s just Chris Pratt surprising a theater full of kids at a charity screening of Guardians of the Galaxy in New York

oh look Chris Pratt has melted my heart into a puddle yet again

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Your move, Jennifer Lawrence.